Everything You Know Could be Wrong

by IceBenders

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After releasing their debut EP "That Never Works" last year, IceBenders have opened their musical toybox and found a whole bunch of new sounds to play with. Theirs is still the dub aesthetic: the new album is a collection of instrumentals with highs and lows, pushed and pulled by sonic and psychedelic forces. But the rhythms are something else: voodoo funk, rumba, afrobeat, gogo ... The genre borders are porous, and nothing will make them "secure".

The new IceBenders album is called "Everything You Know Could Be Wrong", and the scepticism suggested by the title is fulfilled in the musical pluralism of the nine songs it contains. Could it be wrong to believe a pedal steel guitar will never be heard alongside a doumbek?

The band are fiercely loyal to the DIY attitude, insisting on taking a hands-on approach to everything from microphone placement to cover design.

"We are a studio band in a tradition that starts with, say, Joe Meek, and includes Lee Perry, Can and Eno." says pedal steel wrangler and recordist John Laidler. "We play together, but not at the same time." Never having played a "gig", the reader is mercifully spared from a list of famous bands supported, or descriptions of being "on the road". It's only about the music. "We see the studio as a place to make something interesting rather than something perfect."

So what sounds interesting? Spooky percussion-led grooves, sweeping pedal steel rushes, funky bass eruptions, rare instruments played raw, little sounds growing giant, the polyrhythmic principle, and some special guests.

"Everything You Know Could Be Wrong" is the soundtrack of an hallucinated life, where musical styles and emotions flow freely, creating unexpected intensities.


released September 2, 2013

IceBenders are:

Ed Ken Sebben: bass guitar, trumpet

Chris Bright: drumkit, congas, bongos, repenique, surdo, doumbek, cowbell, woodblocks, shekere, cabasa, guiro, tambourine, clapping, defrosting, marinating

John Laidler: pedal steel, baritone guitar, tenor guitar, ebow, strumstick, telecaster, keyboards, clapping, stir-frying

Special guests:
Sun Ra: parting words in "Farewell Earth"
John Bennett: poem "Five Visions of Paris" in "Their Heads Too Small"

Recorded and mixed at CutSnake Studio, St Peters NSW AU, during 2012 and 2013.
Produced by JL and CB.



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IceBenders Sydney, Australia

Born in a place with no light, the IceBenders are travellers, walking a road that only they know.

One is former gun-for-hire with the KGB, another a champion jockey in Guam. The last is known only as "Silencio", his history shrouded in deception and half-truths.

When the sun hides its face beyond the moon the Icebenders meet to make offerings to the holy fathers: Tubby, Kuti and Brown.
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